The end, Bali

When the first time we knew that our third destination in second phase was Bali, honestly, I felt both happy and sad. Happy because I can have another experiences with all of my classmates. However, sad because this is my own country. If I can choose, I will prefer to choose another country, so I can learn more than what I can get in my own country. However, decision was already chosen, then I just have to accept that.

Then, after spent a week in Singapore to prepared our thesis proposal, we arrived in Bali and start our new journey with new group. I felt extremely happy with my new group, because in my opinion my new group members are the best personal in their previous group. So, it will be new challenges for me to improve myself and also prove to everybody that I am in the same level with everybody both intellectual skills and personal skills.

Then, after researching around 3 weeks, we realized that the existence of me as an Indonesian student help a lot for data collection. As we got MSE in Canggu area, some people in Canggu area cannot speak English well. These things can be reduced by my Indonesian language skills. So, our group have at least one opportunity more than the other groups. As the requirement for this task, the outline asked us to give the advice and the preferable future for Canggu area from the perspective of MSE.

With the special characteristic from Bali, which the social community take a very big role in every decision in the society, so our main advice is to make the collaboration between 3 Kind of MSE, and banjar as the facilitator. We divided MSE into 3 kinds, innovator, adaptor, and survivor. Innovator is an enterprise with very good strategies and also good knowledge about social media, finance, etc. Adaptors is an entrepreneur with basic skills and knowledges. This type always follows the strategies of innovators. Then the last, survivor is an enterprise that don’t have any strategy. Some enterprises in this category don’t understand at all about social media and strategy.

So, in the end the collaboration between the types of MSE plus banjar as facilitator will help each other to learn from one and another. Innovator can learn about how they have to treat banjar from survivor, as normally survivor are locals and part of banjar itself. Then, of course survivor can learn from innovator about strategy things and finance, etc. If everybody has the same consciousness about their development and also the tourism development in canggu area, we believe that Canggu area can preserve their strength and uniqueness.

Personal development

In my personal opinion, this stage is the most important part in TDM program. The really last time for us together with fellow students. We already knew each other and got our confidence in many ways. So, in this stage everybody can prove themselves and show what they can show to the others. Then, personally I feel I got a very good success in this stage. Everybody told us that our research was very good and interesting. Then, as an individual, some people praised my presentation and my logical thinking when responded every questions in the presentation. So, I was so happy that I can prove myself and “nailed it”.

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